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 We Truly Care,

Our Promise to You

Having dealt with tragedy and conducting Estate Sales, Household Liquidation and business closings in our own family, we know the emotional impact that families go through. Doing Estate Sales and Online Auctions, our responsibility is to you!  

We Love What We Do

Both of us worked many years in Corporate America for Fortune 100 Companies.  Having been "Big Box" Retail Managers we cherish the ability to do what we love, providing a service in an industry that we truly enjoy. Conducting both estate sales and estate auction.

Our Promise To You when completing your estate auction

 We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, we will always conduct ourselves in a professional manor with high morals respecting others. We will give you complete transparent reporting of your estate sales or estate auction.

About Us

Craig grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia attending auctions with his mom, Blanche.   Blanche taught Craig at a young age the ins and out of auctions. She taught him how to research items and how to spot authentic trademarks.  

She collected and displayed many treasures and though some buys were not “money makers” she did enjoy the hunt. Blanche never resold anything she bought.  When Blanche became ill, she only trusted Craig to sell her estate.  

Maureen grew up in Metro Detroit.  She spent many a Saturday going to estate sales and garage sales to find treasures that built an eclectic home with antiques, mid-century and vintage furnishings.  At some point you just run out of room.

In 2002 Craig and Maureen made the decision to take their knowledge and passion to create a business that would allow them to help people who either were moving, downsizing or through illness or death had to clear out a home or business.  They realized quickly that many “big” companies would not take on an average home in a middle class area.  They made it their mission to showcase every home with dignity and respect, and with that have been able to help families raise more money.  

Craig and Maureen also knew they had to run their business with integrity. They both are hands on at every sale.  They have an easy to read and understand contract, take professional pictures, price or sign every item, ring every sale in a cash register, take credit cards, have professionally made street signs, advertise in multiple locations and above all treat their clients and customers like family.

Craig and Maureen also know that some things will just not sell.  Being very involved with their church they offer the possibility of donating to a free store – yes free.  Anyone needing something can come in and get it free.  They also have wonderful working relationships with companies that do total final cleanouts.  If you are looking for a professional, organized, well-staffed, experienced, honest and reliable company to handle your estate, please give them a call for a free consultation.