(313) 600-8356 Estate Auctions and Estate Sales


On Line Estate Auctions

 Similar to a traditional Estate Sale, we take multiple photographs of each item, write a detailed description then create a complete on-line catalog. We post your sale on multiple Auction sites. We conduct a preview day at your location for buyers who want to "touch and feel" the items being offered, buyers bid on-line. The buyers then pick up their purchases under our supervision at your location.  We use the industry leading software, AuctionFlex, we give you a complete accounting by item detail. 


Traditional Estate Sale

We organize and display all items in your home or business. Then we research and price all items professionally with retail quality price tags. We conduct an "open house" style Estate Sale for a complete household liquidation, ringing each item on an electronic cash register. We always issue payment to you within 72 hours.  We are one of a few top rated estate sale companies in the area. 


Live Auction

With this option we conduct a Live Auction on your property with our Certified Auctioneer. Member of the Michigan Association of Auctioneers, your Auction is conducted with a high level of professionalism and integrity! We use the industry leading software, AuctionFlex, we give you a complete accounting by item detail. 


Member: Michigan Auctioneers Association

 The Michigan Auctioneers Association is an association formed in 1951 by a group of aspiring auctioneers to represent the interests of auctioneers in the state of Michigan. The association semiannually holds informational and educational meetings and seminars, publishes a national award winning quarterly magazine, and represents the interest of auctioneers with governmental departments and the state legislature. The association also promotes the betterment of auctioneers through its educational efforts and legislation affecting the industry. 


Member: Fellowship of Christian Auctioneers International


One of the most frequently asked questions relating to the topic of Christian Fellowship is, “Why should I participate in a Christian Fellowship, anyway? After all, it makes no difference…I can still go to church, watch television evangelists, etc. and without feeling committed.”

“Without feeling committed”…is the first reason to participate in the Fellowship of Christian Auctioneers International. Working through the FCAI is a step of commitment in which dedicated Christians express through both work and deed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Master in their lives. This commitment involves several areas of a Christian’s Life: